10 January 2018

As from 1/1/2018 the International road transport division at Dockx Logistics nv will be taken over by Interfreight Antwerp nv, located at Noorderlaan 157, 2030 Antwerp. The takeover concerns the international transport service only. The Dockx Logistics national transport and distribution department is not being taken over and will stay the same as you’ve always known it.

For 25 years Interfreight Antwerp nv has been operating as an independent transport company based in the Port of Antwerp. International transport is at the heart of their activities. Interfreight Antwerp began taking care of road transport to and from Switzerland back in 1991. These activities have since extended to include its own shipping and customs division. Later they added distribution within Belgium and warehouse management.

Integration of the international road transport services from Dockx Logistics will serve to reinforce the essential service provision within Interfreight Antwerp for international transport in general and particularly for Switzerland.

Dockx Group developed a new strategy a few years ago. This strategy emerged from the collaboration between the rental-removal-transportation divisions and resulted in a new service, Dockx Select, focusing on home deliveries of large parcels with collection points via various well-known Dockx Service Shops across the country. A unique new story and a new future, in which mobility and logistics increasingly team up and become one. Transferring the international road transport division is part of this strategy.

Your existing contact person remains at your service for any questions. Your usual contacts (Bert van Geffen, Wim Geluykens and Frank Geens) still remain and they are happy to help you with your transport assignments from this new company.

Details Interfreight Antwerp nv
Noorderlaan 157
2030 Antwerpen
T: +32 3 541 99 90
F: +32 3 541 97 90
Company number:: 0442.022.070

Bert Van Geffen:
Frank Geens:
Wim Geluykens:

Dockx Group and Rhenus Office Systems embark on joint venture

2 May 2017

On 1 April 2017, Dockx Group and Rhenus Office Systems embarked on a joint venture to further commercialise archive storage on the Belgian market. A new company has been created for these activities: Dockx Rhenus Archisafe nv. Current physical archive storage services will be professionalised further under the Dockx Rhenus brand, and a user-friendly online platform will be developed in future.

“Rhenus and Dockx Group complement each other perfectly. Rhenus’ experience as an international specialist in information and document logistics and the strength of the Dockx brand on the Belgian logistics market form a unique combination for the further development of physical archive storage and document management”, according to Wilfried Dockx, Managing Director of Dockx Rhenus Archisafe.

“We have found a partner who is a family business, just like Rhenus, and who is genuinely interested in the wide range of services around document management and archive storage. The needs of our customers and the provision of solution-focused services are central to what both partners do, and that is especially significant considering the future importance of information and document logistics”, Gerrit Merten, Managing Director of Dockx Rhenus Archisafe, explains. Rhenus Office Systems handles more than 15 billion documents in archive storage worldwide. The company provides document management services to over 15,000 business customers, and is responsible for 1.5 million container movements annually.


26 May 2015

Undoubtedly, you have been looking forward to this for a very long time, and finally the time is here! You can now rent the BMW i8 electric car at Dockx Rental. Those who rent the i8 are looking for something special. It is a renewed design. It is the first electric car that offers the superior, dynamic driving experience of a sports car, combined with the lowest consumption and CO2 values of a small car. That makes driving with the BMW i8 even more exciting than a traditional sports car. It is conscious, environmental driving!

If you want to rent a small, practical car for the city, Dockx gladly presents a new series of city cars. First, we have the Smart Fortwo. This compact, economic and highly manoeuvrable car makes you invincible in the city. You can also opt for the new MINI 5-door. That is enjoyable comfort and style. Another top car in affordable rental cars is the Opel Astra. Or let yourself be seduced by the refined silhouette and elegant lines of the Peugeot 108. The list is completed with the Citroën C3 Picasso and the Opel Mokka. These new smaller family cars offer lots of room for everyone!

At Dockx Rental, you can now rent the Opel Cascada. This means that we are ready for a warm summer, and you? Renting this convertible is synonymous to the pure enjoyment of driving with the top down. It guarantees top quality and a great ride!

You can also rent a sedan or a minivan at Dockx. The BMW 2 and the Opel Zafira are new additions to the category of larger family cars. That means space, versatility and comfort for the whole family. Allow yourself to be charmed by the sublime driving experience and the stylish design of these family cars.

Dockx Group poised for major expansion

29 April 2015

From store to door & more: synergy between hire, removal and logistics activities.

Dockx Group launches a new business concept. This new strategy brings together the total solutions in rental, removal and logistics. To be more specific, this means the launch of a unique service to the market: providing complete logistics services for the omni-channel approach offered by manufacturers and retailers.

Challenges in a rapidly changing logistics landscape

Dockx Group responds to major developments in the logistics and retail world. Mario De Bruyn, commercial director of the Dockx Group: “With the rapid rise of e-commerce, consumers need a large network of collection points outside of city centres. Vehicles are also increasingly being banned from city centres for environmental reasons and to maintain liveable cities. Retailers are therefore required to assume an omni-channel strategy in which it is the consumer himself who chooses the sales, pick-up and payment channels.

The new focus is on the after purchase logistics for large packages. For example, from offering the consumer the opportunity to personally bring the purchased goods home using a hired vehicle to an A to Z service (transport of goods, assembly and installation) by Dockx.
As part of this concept, the Terbekehofdreef logistics site in Wilrijk serves as a regional distribution centre for Flanders and Brussels. A second regional distribution centre will open in Nivelles at the end of the year, which will be responsible for the Walloon region. Large packages will be stored at these two locations for companies and individuals and later distributed to the local “Dockx Service Shops” in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia during the night.

Expanding to 30 Dockx Service Shops

The development of a network of “Dockx Service Shops” across Belgium is a further step in this strategy. Customers can hire a vehicle at these locations as well as find a wide range of materials and handy removal boxes. The shops also serve as collection points for large packages. Each shop is also equipped with a small 500 to 3,000m2 warehouse, which allows companies to use them as a local distribution channel.

Tom Nuyts, operational director of the Dockx Group: “We can bring their large items from these small warehouses to the consumers and even assemble them on-site. Customers can rely on Dockx to transport anything they can not carry in their own vehicle. Companies such as Ikea, Mars and Ixina already work with Dockx in this way.

Within the next 3 years, Dockx plans to launch 12 new collection points with “last mile” delivery services that include hire, assembly and installation services near every market in Belgium.

2014 SME career award for Jozef Dockx

14 April 2014

Dockx Group invests in a Green Warehouse in an excellent location near the A12

From left to right: Jozef Dockx, Natalie Opitz, Flemish Minister of Finance Philippe Muyters

Key figures Dockx Group:

  • 200 employees
  • 1,200 vehicles
  • 40,000 m2 storage
  • € 50 million turnover
  • 16 locations in Belgium

Friday 28 March 2014, Jozef Dockx, Chairman OF Dockx Group, received the SME Career Award during the Night of the SME. This Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded annually to the person who has distinguished himself/herself during his/her career. Baron Paul Buysse (2011), Fernand Huts (2012) and Eddy Bruyninckx (2013) have all received this award. A special distinction for a special man.

Jozef Dockx established the nv Dockx-Packages Express in May 1979. He started renting out trucks and vans on the Boomsesteenweg in Wilrijk. The family business continued to grow into a diversified group with extensive services in vehicle rental, removal and logistics (forwarding, customs, storage, transport, distribution). In 2014, Dockx Group is situated on the Terbekehofdreef in Wilrijk with a new logistics site and warehouse.

Dockx Group invests in a Green Warehouse in an excellent location near the A12

3 November 2011

Dockx Group invests in a Green Warehouse in an excellent location near the A12 Dockx Group invests in a Green Warehouse in an excellent location near the A12 Dockx Group invests in a Green Warehouse in an excellent location near the A12
European Distribution Center.
Regional Distribution Center.
Warehouse Management System.
Transport Management System.
Freight Management System.

Dockx Group logistics site

The new-build of the logistics site of the Dockx Group at Terbekehofdreef 12-22 in Wilrijk is on schedule. The group intends to centralise all the logistical activities of its companies - Dockx Rental, Dockx Movers, Dockx Logistics, Dockx Industries - Lombaerts and Markant – here. The new warehouse has been up and running since the beginning of October [2011].

An ideal base to serve Belgium and Europe

Terbekehofdreef near the A12 in Wilrijk is an excellent location: it is near the Antwerp port and the inland terminals, as well as being centrally located on the Antwerp-Brussels axis.
The Dockx warehouse is an ideal base for further distribution in Belgium and the rest of Europe (Luxembourg and the Netherlands, Northern France, the Ruhr, Austria and Switzerland). The warehouse is a EDC1 as well as being a RDC2.

100% carbon-neutral buildings and warehouse

Dockx has opted in favour of a sustainable approach. We built a 100% carbon-neutral building, using heat pump technology in combination with solar panels on our roof (1MWp), thus contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol.

A host of storage possibilities

The warehouse, which is fully automated, using the most recent WMS3, TMS4 and FMS5 technology, offers a host of storage possibilities:

  • Pallet, bulk and shelf storage
  • Container storage
  • Furniture storage
  • Archive storage
  • Storage under customs supervision

State-of-the-art warehouse

The warehouse has been developed in line with the most recent logistical insights, equipped with a sprinkle installation, CCTV and has been completely secured as well as being fully heated.
It has a total floor surface of 12 000 m² - 14 m overall height and 12.2 m clearance. The loading bays are equipped with 17 doors (5 grade level doors and 12 loading docks).

Transport & Logistics

9 September 2011

Transport & Logistics 8th edition

Dockx Group with the companies Dockx Rental, Dockx Movers, Dockx Logistics, Dockx Industries - Lombaerts en Markant participate in the Transport & Logistics Fair.

This year the bi-yearly event will be held in the Antwerp Expo Hall, from September 20th until September 22nd 2011. With 9000 visitors and 300 exhibitors, this professional fair is the logistics event of the year.

We gladly invite you to visit us at booth c1041.

Do you have already an entrance card?

If you or your colleagues don’t have a free entrance card, please use link below and register online:

It would be our pleasure to meet you at our booth. Come and see us and receive a small gift.

New: Tag-team Transport between Belgium and Switzerland

16 November 2010

Early in October 2010, Dockx Logistics - Tolimpex launched a new service in conjunction with our Swiss partner Interfracht: tag-team transport deliveries between Belgium and Switzerland.

Tag-team Transport between Belgium and Switzerland

On top of the daily, direct groupage transport between Belgium and Switzerland, this service guarantees faster transit time for large and small shipments at attractive prices. It’s a way to avoid the traffic jams and ensure that the mandatory driver rest times are respected.

Groupage lorries are unloaded and loaded every day during the day in Belgium and Switzerland. That is done both directly at the client location and at our groupage centres in Antwerp and Basel. The drivers who take care of those shipments only drive during the day.

The night drivers depart with their loaded lorries from Antwerp and Basel and drive towards each other, meeting up at Metz. In Metz, they trade lorries: the Swiss driver takes the Belgian lorry and the Belgian driver takes the Swiss one. They arrive back at their starting point the next morning and the daytime drivers unload and reload their lorries.

Do you have 6 pallets ready to go that have to be loaded in Antwerp today and delivered in Basel tomorrow? It is possible. You want them delivered in the morning? That is possible, too.

Call today and ask our experts about our prices or more information:

Dockx Logistics - Tolimpex supports project aid program for villages in Mali

10 May 2010

Dockx Logistics - Tolimpex supports project aid program for villages in Mali Dockx Logistics - Tolimpex supports project aid program for villages in Mali

Our special attention goes to a project helping farmers in Mali to become independent. This happens by making use of micro credit facilities: all machines and tools for the farmers will be paid back after a period.

A lot of villages in Mali have a similar problem: clean, drinkable water and so this is the ideal starting point to motivate villagers to cooperate.

The villages get a draw-well, a wind-mill and after a while distribution possibilities enabling to distribute the water over several points in the village.
As a compensation they have to cultivate Jatropha Curcas (Jatropa is comparable to rapeseed: oil containing seeds that can be used as fuel).

If the local people cooperate well, a multi functional platform will be built after some years. This starts with a Diesel engine: during daytime used for cultivating the land or as a mean of transport during the dry season, thereafter a grinding mill or generator etc. are added.

The result should be:

  • During the morning women grind flour, make pastry or prepare cereals
  • During daytime everybody cultivates the land
  • During the afternoon and in the evening the electricity generator is used so:
    • men are able to do artisanal work
    • women can prepare fruit and vegetables
    • Children have light to study

Everything is paid back by the harvest of Jatropha. The co-operation has income thanks to the contribution of the villagers (part of the harvest) and by transferring the seeds into fuel (Bio-Diesel) and fertilizer.

In fact this is not traditional development aid: it is an education plan helping the farmers to get out of their misery. Projects like this demand a lot of energy and money. In the near future these projects will be supported by the Province of West Flanders who also appreciate this concept. At this moment 3 villages are already working like this, with some extra support a full network can be realized, which is the final goal.

A local co-operation is already established Belafrique, more specific questions for more info on how you can help this project, can be achieved via

Dockx Logistics - Tolimpex supports the WCA Family Haïti Relief Fund

1 February 2010

Empathy is one of the corporate values of the Dockx Group. Dockx Logistics - Tolimpex could not just do nothing when being confronted with the recent natural disaster in Haiti. During the recent World Cargo Alliance conference in Bangkok, January 2010, many members wanted to contribute to Haiti relief and support the population of Haiti, during this extremely difficult period.

WCA have established a section of their website to allow donations to Haiti Relief.

We invite you to check this link and donate whatever you can, to help Haiti and its people. WCA Family quotes Buddha: “If you know what I knew about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass, without sharing it in some way”.

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