General terms and conditions

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The following general terms and conditions will be applicable to the hire of all vehicles that can be found on the Dockx Logistics nv website. This website has a pure informational character.


The pricing information on the website is purely informational and only binding to the corporation insofar they are confirmed by a signed and written agreement. All prices are indicated in Euros. These prices are always quoted inclusive VAT. Dockx Logistics nv reserves the right to change the quoted price before you place an order.

Authorities and jurisdiction

Logistic services are fully subject to Belgian legislation; the Vredegerecht (justice of the peace court) of the seventh canton in Antwerp and the law courts of the Antwerp judicial district are authorised.

Letter headings and termination

All letter headings of these terms are intended for convenient reference only and are extraneous to these terms. These letter headings are not applicable with regard to the interpretation or explanation of these terms. In the event that a certain definition or phrasing in this agreement becomes or would be declared invalid or unfeasible, due to whatever reason, then this definition or phrasing will remain feasible as far as legally possible, and the validity, legality and feasibility of the remaining definitions will not be affected or influenced in any way.

Use of electronic communication

Information requests about the removal services on the Dockx Logistics website can take place electronically. You are thereby in agreement with the fact that Dockx Logistics communicates with you electronically. Dockx Logistics nv is permitted to send you email messages and other messages with regard to your information request via the Internet.

Right to access to your personal information

You always have the right to peruse your personal information, to correct mistakes or delete your personal information from our database. You can always contact us for this via email:

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